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Infinite Symmetry

Video installation INFINITE SYMMETRY is the point of departure in a search for perfection deriving from Joosten’s fascination with the untouchable qualities of a symmetrical face, posture, movement and rhythm. He was inspired by the mathematical exactness of DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man. Symmetry and beauty take centre stage in this installation.

Camera, Edit & Set design David Joosten
Styling Manouk Hasebos
Make-up & Hair Hanny van Snippenberg
Models Sarah at ELVIS Models, Lucas at 77 Models & Felix
Clothes by (in order of appearance) You Wie, Hellen van Rees, Walter Van Beirendonck, Manouk Hasebos, Bastian Visch
Music Lawrence English – Watching It Unfold
Special thanks to Jan, Robbe, Rob, Paul, Wim at AR Lab, Joachim, Bas, Malou, Jolien, Geertje, Teun, Maakhaven, Warenhuis HOOP